Cannabis Update

On January 15, District council held a workshop to discuss and clarify regulations regarding cannabis. At the workshop it was explained that the provincial and federal governments permit up to four recreational cannabis plants to be grown per household, and the District cannot supersede that authority.  Metchosin previously passed a Land Use Bylaw amendment in October that prohibited all cannabis production, which at that time was intended to include the growing of four recreational plants per household. Further information indicates that the District cannot prohibit the growing of four recreational cannabis plants for personal use; the growing of up to four plants per household, in accordance with provincial regulations is therefore permitted, regardless of the wording in the Land Use Bylaw.  Tenants of homes or secondary suites with existing lease agreements are not permitted to grow cannabis for recreational purposes unless expressly permitted through their agreements. Provincial regulations require, among other conditions, that the plants not be visible from any public place including the road. The Land Use Bylaw will be updated to clarify that the four personal plants are excluded from the “cannabis production” definition.


The District’s Land Use Bylaw currently limits cultivation of cannabis beyond four plants to properties within the Agricultural Land Reserve. A federal licence is required before any property can legally cultivate recreational cannabis beyond the four plant limit. Retail sales of cannabis products is not permitted anywhere in the District. At the workshop, staff was asked to provide information regarding the impacts (security, building size, employees, etc.) of the various types of federal cultivation licences at a future meeting, to enable Council to discuss whether the cultivation of cannabis may be appropriate for large Upland zoned properties outside the ALR. A report is anticipated in either March or April.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 10:00am