Detached Secondary Suites

Detached Secondary Suites - Update April 3, 2012

A public hearing has been scheduled for Monday, April 30 at 7 pm to receive public input on the bylaw to allow detached secondary suites.  Council gave first and second reading to Bylaw 583 at its meeting on April 2nd. 

The bylaw would permit detached suites of less than 70m2 (753.5ft2) on lots 1.98 acres and larger, where the suite was at least 15 m from all property lines and no more than 15 m from the principal residence.  Only one suite would be permitted on a lot, either in the principal dwelling or as a detached suite.  An accessory building for a detached suite must not be more than 8 m (26.2’) in height and not be used for any other purpose than the suite.  In addition, the detached suite must share a driveway with the principal residence and have two designated parking spaces.

Metchosin Land Use Bylaw Amendment No. 583   (at second reading) 

Public Hearing Notice

March 9 2012 Staff Report to Council on Bylaw No 583

Update February 2012

Council members have agreed to consider amendments to the Land Use Bylaw to permit detached suites as set out in the referendum question as well as other regulation options, such as stand-alone suites only.  Members also agreed to consider amendments to the Land Use Bylaw to revise certain regulations for accessory buildings to reduce the possibility of accessory buildings being converted for residential use; to increase accessory building setbacks; and to eliminate the potential for several large-scale accessory buildings to be built on one peroperty.  Members also agreed to consider a policy regarding variance applications for detached suites.  Council will consider bylaw enforcement issues once these matters have been completed.  A staff report on regulatory options is expected to come forward at the March 12th Planning Committee meeting for the Committee's consideration before a bylaw is drafted.

At the January 16th Planning Committee meeting, the Committee will consider the development of amendments to the current land use bylaw to address the parameters of the detached suites referendum question and to tighten the current regulations for accessory buildings.  Full agendas are available at on the Friday before the meeting.

Detached Secondary Suites Question For The Electors

Council, at its June 6th, 2011 Council meeting decided on the question for the electors, at the November 2011 election.

a)   Detached Secondary Suites, Question for the Electors

Moved and Seconded by Councillors Gramigna and Tremblay that Council establish the following question to the electors on detached secondary suites at the 2011 general election:

“Are you in favour of allowing detached secondary suites where all of the following conditions can be met:

  • Maximum suite size of 70 m2 (753 ft2);
  • Lots are 0.8 ha (1.98 acres) or larger; and
  • The detached suite is located at least 15 m (49.2 feet) from all property lines and a maximum distance of 15 m from the principal dwelling?

Yes                  No”


May 2011
Detached Secondary Suites Roundtable Sessions
on the Criteria for the November 2011 Referendum Question

Background Information 
Detached Secondary Suites 
Property Line Setbacks 
Building Separation Setbacks

Map 1 - Lots 4 hectares (9.88 acres) or greater

Map 2 - Lots 2 hectares (4.94 acres) or greater

Map 3 - Lots 0.8 hectares (1.98 acre) or greater

Thursday, April 12, 2012 - 5:00pm