Environment & Wildlife


In a large part, it is the varied and scenic natural environment that makes Metchosin such a desirable place to live.  Rocky shorelands and sand beaches overlook the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains.  Witty's Lagoon, with salt and fresh water marshes, sandy bluffs and beaches, constitutes a lagoon ecosystem of the first order.  Rare plant communities flourish within the wooded uplands, and creeks and streams roll through the lowlands to the sea.


Below are a few resources to encourage the conservation of Metchosin's natural environment:

Capital Region Invasive Species Partnership (CRISP)

2016 CARIP Climate Action/Carbon Neutral Progress Survey

2017 (CARIP) Climate Action Revenue Incentive Public Report

2018 (CARIP) Climate Action/Carbon Neutral Progress Survey 

Shoreline Brochure

Riparian Areas Regulation Brochure

Metchosin's Protected Trees

Wildlife Resources

Metchosin Parks & Trails

BC Ministry of Environment

Metchosin Coastal Website

Metchosin Biodiversity Project, Metchosin Bioblitz