Hillman Trail

Hillman Trail

Want a long walk and lots of variety? Then the one-kilometer Hillman Trail is a good one. It’s a Metchosin connector trail, ultimately linking Happy Valley Road with Pears Road, for hikers, those on horses and the occasional cyclist.

Hillman Trail is one of the municipality’s most diverse trails and one of the longest. It travels through a mix of landscapes from damp streamside to dry Garry oak grassland and beside active farms.

At the south end, it starts in shady forest near the Happy Valley-Rocky Point Road intersection, and comes to Bilston Creek after a hilly section. It’s actually the only place in a Metchosin park which touches on this pretty waterway (not counting Witty’s Lagoon CRD park, of course).

You cross the creek on a wooden bridge, and there’s a nearby bench -- both are named in memory of Mac Page, a Metchosin resident from the last century. He was also the municipality’s second fire chief from 1961-62. His bench is beside a contorted old-growth red cedar worth a stop.

From here, Hillman winds through brush and occasional muddy ground and climbs up to the Metchosin Golf and County Club. For this second half of the trail you’re sometimes walking beside golfers teeing off.

Here is the trail’s Garry oak section and you’re never far from their shade. It’s a short walk beside the golf course out to Pears Road.

Okay, we misled you a little -- Hillman Trail is two kilometers long, if you walk back to your starting point. Another option is to walk down beside the golf course to Metchosin Road and then to the village and Happy Valley Road, for a circle tour.

Written by Norman Gidney
Volunteer Parks and Trails Coordinator
October 2011