Protected Trees

Metchosin's Protected Trees

Preserving Metchosin's Diverse and Spectacular Natural World

Why Protect?  Some of these species have been overharvested for medicinal uses or they grow only in a very small area of BC and development has seen their populations become even more threatened.  Contact the municipal hall at 250-474-3167 before you remove any of these species.  (Click on the name for more detailed information)

Garry Oak - Poster child for our endangered Garry Oak Ecosystems and British Columbia's only native oak tree, its calcium rich bark hosts abundant moss, lichen and insects communities.

Pacific Dogwood- BC's provincial flower, its late spring floral display is breath taking.  The bright red clusters of berries are eaten by numerous birds including the threatened band-tailed pigeon.

Arbutus - The only native, broadleaf evergreen tree in Canada, its white flowers provide food for many pollinators including hummingbirds.  Stellar Jays and other birds flock to its appealing berries.

Manzanita - This attractive bonsai like shrub with red, peeling bark and blue-green evergreen leaves provides food for many pollinators including hummingbirds and other animals with its fruit and flowers.

Cascara - Over harvested as a natural laxative, only the occasional young tree can still be found.  Leaves turn a beautiful clear yellow in fall.  Grouse and songbirds eat the purplish-black berries.

Western Yew - Slow growing, it is the original source of taxol, a cancer fighting drug.  Although all parts of western yew are poisonous for humans, many birds eat the bright red fruit and the leaves supply food for black-tailed deer.